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2019 Spring - Summer Newsletter

The Flats Wind Meter has been repaired and is functioning 100%. Be sure and thank Burt for his efforts, he has maintained the reporting site for an extended period and continues to do so.

North Flats and Ponds gate entrances are fitted with a closable lock box, the combination lock is protected from the elements. This should increase reliability and longevity of the lock. Please notify a club officer is there are any issues at either gate. As always lock the gate on entry and exiting.

There is an ongoing effort to grade sands to provide a dryer and safer route to the palapas. Please stay on the established paths. This keeps our path packed and helps prevent getting stuck. Always be aware of wildlife and stay on paths to minimize disturbing wildlife.

Please follow beach etiquette:

Kiters rig and launch downwind of windsurfers (the normal assigned area of windsurf launch is the area around and including the 2 flagged palapas close to the water).

Windsurfers rig and launch upwind of kiters.

All sailors practice courtesy in shallow launch areas.

Do not park parallel to the beach.

Pets must be kept leashed.

Unlitter - Leave it better than you find it.

Annual Spring Dinner at Louie's Backyard

The dinner this year will be on May 2, at 7:00. Tickets are $20, and will be available April 27 from Jibber or Herman, or at the door after 6:00.

Swap Meets:

Starting 9AM 4/6/19 and continuing thru 5/25/19, at the south end of the Louie's parking lot, get rid of your old stuff and help someone new get into the sport.

Renewal Time:

Annual Pass per person will be $30, you will receive decal and a removable wristband, which should be worn at all times while at the North Flats.

Monthly Pass per person will be $20, monthly passes will only be available on the Island, and you will receive a non-removable wristband (like you get at hospitals) and are non-transferable and must be worn while at the North Flats.

Passes are available at:

At The Ponds

Air Padre Kiteboarding
5709 A Padre Blvd

Windsurf the Boatyard (Jibber)
At the flats

Sailboards South (Herman)
204 W Dolphin

Any questions regarding passes should be emailed to "sbsso@sbcglobal.net" with SPIW as the title.

Have fun and hope to see you soon.

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