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Fall / Winter 2018 - 2019

Hello all, here is the latest news that we know. It has been a good summer with lots of light afternoon winds. Although light wind does not sound all that great, it has been if you either kite or windsurf foil. The tides had been super low all summer, but now with our heavy rains the flats are temporarily flooded again. They will drop back to normal. The Fall wind season is starting and we look forward to seeing old and new friends once again.

Some great news, both United and Frontier Airlines will start direct flights from Chicago. Frontier will also offer direct flights from Denver too. This is supposed to happen this November.

Construction is still plugging away over at Isla Blanca Park. We know that a lot of you stay in the Park and hope that you are still coming.

Any season pass that you purchased for 2018 is valid thru 12/31, but as usual we will have the 2019 passes available 12/1. Until then the gate combo is the same for 2018 and a new combo will start 1/1/2019. Also, please help patrol the area by not giving out the combo unless Jibber, Joel or Petra are on site to give out a pass. We understand this can be a hassle for some that just show up, but this also helps us in keeping the site secured. It always happens that someone just gives out the combo and then someone comes in and does not lock the gate. This happens a lot more than you think and then we have a bunch of yohoo's driving around over gear and raising havoc. We are always open to new ideas on how to get passes quickly to you.

We saw this past Spring that kitefoiling is on the rise. The issue here is that the kitefoiler, like the windsurfers, need deeper water to get started. This means the kitefoilers will need to park closer to the windsurfers. To kitefoil you need to be pretty good to begin with, so lets just keep working together with the windsurfers.

Fall Fajita Feast

The dinner will be held at the Isla Blanca Park cabanas Thursday 11/8 at 6pm only $10 per person.

Swap Meets:

Starting 9AM 10/21/2018 and continuing thru 11/25/2018, at the south end of the Louie's parking lot, get rid of your old stuff and help someone new get into the sport.

Renewal Time:

Annual Pass per person will be $30, you will receive decal and a removable wristband, which should be worn at all times while at the North Flats.

Monthly Pass per person will be $20, monthly passes will only be available on the Island, and you will receive a non-removable wristband (like you get at hospitals) and are non-transferable and must be worn while at the North Flats.

Passes are available at:

Air Padre Kiteboarding
5709 A Padre Blvd

At The Ponds

Windsurf the Boatyard (Jibber)
At the flats

Sailboards South (Herman)
204 W Dolphin

Any questions regarding passes should be emailed to "sbsso@sbcglobal.net" with SPIW as the title.

Have fun and hope to see you soon.

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