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Fall 2017 Sailing

Hello to all from SPI! We hope everyone has had a great summer. We look forward to seeing all our good friends again shortly. Last late Spring was epic. It felt like the old days when we had many low tide days on the Flats. The new north gate had exceptional use and proved to be priceless for the high tide days we did get. This coming year fall will bring a few more changes that you must be aware of. These changes will make our site more secure.

1. For the 1st time we will start changing the lock combination on January 1st of each year. We found that there are too many people that bypass our systems and let themselves in using the old gate code. In order to implement this, we will sell '18 passes starting Dec 1st and those who buy a pass in Dec will get the present code and the future code. This affects the least amount of members since we sell few passes in December.

2. Monthly memberships will now use a sticker on their windshield like the yearly members do. We have had many folks just keeping their tag in the car where it cannot be seen or blows out on windy days. So now everyone must have a visible decal on the windshield. These new decals will have the expiration dates written on them, so it makes it much easier for us to check the line ups.

We hope you will all understand that these new changes will help us keep the site more secure. We understand how precious the North Flats are so we keep trying to address issues as they come up. We hope you all will help us in maintaining the security of the site. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Lastly and most importantly... always LOCK THE GATE behind you. Please do not leave the gate unlocked.

Fall Fajita Feast

The dinner will be held again at the same spot at the Isla Blanca Park cabanas. It will be on Thursday 11/9 at 6pm. The cost will be $10 per person, additional donations are appreciated.

Swap Meets:

Starting 9AM 10/21/2017 and continuing thru 11/25/2017, at the south end of the Louie's parking lot, get rid of your old stuff and help someone new get into the sport.

Renewal Time:

Annual Pass per person will be $30, you will receive decal and a removable wristband, which should be worn at all times while at the North Flats.

Monthly Pass per person will be $20, monthly passes will only be available on the Island, and you will receive a non-removable wristband (like you get at hospitals) and are non-transferable and must be worn while at the North Flats.

Passes are available at:

Air Padre Kiteboarding
5709 A Padre Blvd

Windsurf the Boatyard (Jibber)
At the flats

Sailboards South (Herman)
204 W Dolphin

Any questions regarding passes should be emailed to "sbsso@sbcglobal.net" with SPIW as the title.

Have fun and hope to see you soon.

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