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Improvements and updates to the North Flats Facilities

Last fall was improvement time at the Flats. In the early Fall we got ambitious and started making palapas for some needed shade. The palapas are there for everyone to use. In fact, in the Kiteboarding area someone has even put up a couple of hammocks under one of the palapas. Hmmm, not a bad idea.

We've also been working on the road from the highway to the launch areas. As you know this road has been known to be covered with water during high tides. So we rented a backhoe and did our best to fill in the holes and level out the road. In an effort to save a few dollars we asked for volunteers to come out and help get the job done. Everyone worked real hard, especially Jibber and when we were done there were High Fives all the way around. Then came the first high tide and guess what? Well let's just say the road is better than it was before but Mother Nature always gets her way with these things.

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